Your Writing Doesn’t Have to Have A Conclusion

I listened to a podcast called Writer’s Who Don’t Write, the best take away I got from the 45-minute episode was the fact that our writing doesn’t always have to have a clear ending.

Life situations don’t always have a perfect ending. Sometimes relationships get cut off with no explanation. Sometimes someone you care about is suddenly taken from the earth and you’re left with questions. Questions that are void of answers. Life will often tear us up and leave us with only remnants of our former life and no more.

The truth is that life is messy and you don’t always have complete answers or finalized endings to every story. You don’t have to over-explain every point you make. Every time you state something you don’t have to make sure your reader understands exactly what you’re saying. Your writing should hold a bit of mystery. This mystery will keep your reader thinking about your writing long after they’ve closed the tab or turned the page.

Leaving your reader with questions and even a tad bit of discomfort can make their reading experience intriguing.

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