Where's Your Focus?

"Whatever you focus on you magnify in your life."

Like a camera lens that focuses on a specific object, and blurs everything in the background, if you're solely focusing on the bad, any good that is in your life will fade to the background. Whenever you are focusing on something, constantly thinking about it, ask yourself, "Is this what I want magnified? Do I want more of this specific thing in my life?"

I recently went through a really difficult time in my life. My whole world seemed to be not only crashing down around me, but also turning against me. It was so easy to become stuck on the fact that my situation was so unfair. There was so much of the negative and not much of the positive in my circumstance. But if I allowed myself to focus on how horrible my life currently was, I magnified that fact. My thoughts caused the situation to weigh down on me. Because of my mindset, the weight I was carrying almost broke me, but when I realized there was something beneficial I could focus on, something I could appreciate from my situation, the weight lessened.

If you're constantly thinking negative thoughts, guess what's going to magnified? Everything that's wrong with your life currently. But, if you choose to focus on the positive, even when your whole life seems to be in a downward spiral, the good will be magnified. Much of what goes on in our life is out of our control, this is a fact we all have to come to terms with. But, choosing to focus on the imperfections of your situations will only push anything you can learn from the situation far into the background. The good will be so blurred, because you're so focused on the bad.

Stop giving the negative things in your life precedence.

Focus on the good so the bad can fade to the background!


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