What's Your Story?

One time, a snake fell (literally out of the sky) right in front of my feet, in the deadliest of countries - Australia. Another time I won first place in a piano competition. This other time I fell off my bike and broke my arm. One other time I wrote some blog posts and built a website.

We all have a story. A beautiful, meaningful, unique story. When we’re first introduced to people we usually introduce ourselves by giving our education or job status. There’s a difference between the word status and the word story. Your story is what makes you you. Our stories are all compiled out of “this one time” happenings that make life memorable. If all of our stories are completely unique, I say we should be taking pride in them. Document your story. Here’s mine.

I love growing as a person, learning new things, stretching my brain to new heights, and further deepening my knowledge and intellect. Education has always been a huge part of my life. I was home schooled up until my junior year of high school. Alternative education has always excited and intrigued me, instead of inducing fear.

My life has been anything but normal. I’ve moved 14 times, from Florida to Alaska to Australia to Idaho to Wisconsin to Texas to South Carolina, the Air Force has taken my family and I all over the world. There were moments that I hated not being able to settle down in one place and be comfortable with my social circle. I mean it would be nice to have a little bit of stability in life. But having the childhood I’ve had has taught me to embrace change and to quickly adapt to solve problems that arise.

After graduating, I knew there were steps I should take to begin my career path, but I didn’t know where to place my feet, yet. From the first time I read about Praxis, the concept excited me. Putting ideas into practice instead of just reading, thinking or talking about the idea, was something that interested a hands-on person like me. I wanted to be a unique individual, to develop my exclusive talents and skills that allowed me to impact and influence the world in only the way I could.

So I built my own website, developingworth.com where I completed a 30-day blogging challenge and continue to share my thoughts on multiple subjects including philosophy, education, and self-development. From there I built my own Medium following, reaching a wider circle of people and building a community with like-minded individuals. My writing has been published in several publications as I continue to build my network within that community. I began my own Crash profile, where I’ve learned how to effectively showcase my skills and talents, and with the help of the Crash team, featured my profile. I began two jobs, working 60 to 80 hours a week, as I build and hone my skills and work with the commitment to always perform at my very best. Now, I’m looking to take the next step in my life to further my skills while creating value for others.

I believe Praxis is the best step I could take to develop value and give me the skill set to succeed in the world. Now, I want to continue to write my story as a Praxis Participant. I believe that in order to become anything or impact anyone you have to stand out. You can’t fit inside the cookie cutter the world hands to you. You have to break whatever standards have been set. You have to put an end to any restrictions built around you.

Defy the status-quo. Go above and beyond what is expected of you. Shock people.

Break the mold.


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