SEO is not all about keywords.

Updated: Jan 31

Topical Relevance in SEO

A keyword is a specific word or phrase that someone uses to describe what they’re searching for.

A topic is a group of keywords.

Long long ago, people used to type keywords into the search engine to get a result. Example:

Pet insurance

Insurance for my dog

Now we can pose complex and long questions to Google and still expect a well-crafted results page. Example:

What should I do if my dog is getting old?

How to make sure my dog lives a long life

Why is my dog sick all the time?

Google realizes the topical relevance behind the searcher’s intent and gives the searcher results that are connected to the main query behind their search.

Here’s how to build topical relevance. It’s almost if not just as important as building keyword relevance.

Figure out which topics you want to be known for. (Ex. Pet insurance)

Lots of blog posts that answer every question about that topic. (Ex. Comparison of pet insurance prices, Which companies offer pet insurance as benefits, etc.)

Combining content creation and topic relevance will boost your authority on the topic which in turn will help you rank higher.

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