The Mindset Behind Developing Worth

I’ve always been a creative, driven, motivated person. I enjoy creating and I enjoy consuming content. When a close friend of mine introduced me to the mindset behind Praxis and Crash, I quickly became intrigued and listened to the podcasts, read the blog posts, and thought a lot about their motives and their advice. It didn’t take me long to realize that what the founders were saying was full of truth, and I realized that creating is not enough. Creating in and of itself is beautiful, but when we decide to hide our ideas and content behind closed doors, there will never be growth, in either the sense of personal growth or career wise.

I decided to build my own website and put my thoughts and creations out into the world. If you’re thinking about putting your content into the world, you’ve probably had thoughts such as, “Oh, but people will criticize my work.” To be honest you’re not wrong. You’ll receive a lot of feedback both bad and good, but I’ve come to look at that fact in a positive light. Feedback, even if it is criticism will only give you the perspective of others, and from there you can do whatever you wish with that feedback. became my first choice to use as a website builder. The mechanisms inside the builder are fairly straightforward and for a non-coder like me it was easy to pick up on how to use. I built my website in a matter of weeks and began to post content.

I built my website around the idea that we all have built-in worth that we have yet to grow into its full potential. Every single person has hidden worth that will never be developed unless he or she chooses to grow and evolve into their true fulfillment. Growth isn’t always easy or fun, but its something I believe that should be taken seriously, as we all should live our lives to their full potential.

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about philosophy as the ideas and thought processes of the philosophers is something that really intrigues me.

So, what are you waiting for? Create something. Develop your worth.


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