Learning SEO in 30 Days: Week Three

Updated: Jan 31

As I near the end of my project, I’m excited to see the end result.

What I’ve been working on this week:

- I’ve continued to blog every single day on what I’ve discovered over this week in SEO

-I’ve written content for Pumpkin to showcase my SEO skills

-I’ve documented two of the tech tools I’m learning, Moz and Buzz Stream

-I’ve taken two courses and received certificates with my completion: Hubspot’s Content Marketing and SEMRush.

- I’ve decided to change my end result from a Udemy course to an ebook. I’ve been researching the necessary tools, and have created my cover and brainstormed the title.

This upcoming week I will be taking my blog posts and putting them into an ebook. I will begin to market my ebook as well towards the end of the month, continuing my project on into the next month, to see if I can get some good sales on my ebook. Looking forward to the upcoming week!

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