Recycling Your Content (It's Beneficial To Your Business)

Updated: Jan 31

It's not as time consuming either

The art of repurposing your blog posts isn’t a new concept. As I researched the topic I discovered that 76% of Hubspot’s blogs are recycled, or revised old posts.

50% of b2b marketers have trouble with creating posts on a daily basis

Repurposing content

Allows you to reach a new audience

Gives you another opportunity to rank on a search engine’s results page

Supports the consistency of your message (It’s proven before someone will convert they need to come into contact with your message 7 times)

Increases your organic search traffic exponentially.

Allows you to change the post’s main intent to serve a different purpose

When you recycle a post you are doing everything you can to get your great content to more eyes. One of the best ways to do this is to post your repurposed or recycled content to other websites.

Such as Forbes, Huffington Post, or Business Insider.

It's also a great idea to publish your content to your LinkedIn or Medium accounts.

One of the best ways to repurpose your content is

Visually repurpose — turn your content into video, audio, or an image form. Venngage and Canva are both great apps to turn your content into appealing, marketable images. Buffer is a great tool that any marketer should look into.

Guidelines to follow when recycling

- Focus on the specific keywords and rewrite the post.

- Identify content form and topic

- Make a list of supporting subtopics

- Choose the strongest supporting subtopics

- Create content for each of those subtopics

- Change the original title or heading

- Wait at least 2 weeks before republishing, to give Google time to index your content in its results

- Include links throughout the republished post

- Download or create a template for the new post (guides, extra tips, templates, spreadsheets) can help promote your post

- Recycle blog content into chapters

- combine old and new content

- expand in order to dig deeper into the topic

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