Organic Promotion

Updated: Jan 31

This doesn’t require more money

The best ways to promote your content organically:

1. Written Content

- Start out with a landing page that hyperlinks to subtopics related to that landing page. This way if one of your topics ranks well, the other subtopics that are linked will climb in the ranks as well. In this way, you’re able to easily rank for different keywords.

- Directly answer different questions your target audience will be researching with numbered lists or a short paragraph. These are more likely to be used by Google in a featured snippet.

- Inbound links-links that direct visitors from another website to yours. Acquiring inbound links from relevant websites will help your SEO efforts

- Backlinks- the best ways to find these are by using Ahrefs or SimilarWeb. Reach out to authors of content that you would like to backlink to and provide your reasons and content. This is also a great way to connect with authors and build a relationship with them.

2. Email Marketing

- maintain a healthy email list

- segmenting audience — Sending the right type of content that is relevant to each specific part of your audience, such as informative emails to new customers or advertising your product to returning leads.

- include descriptive, relevant images

- promote your brand through email by including a link to your business by including it in your email signature whenever you’re emailing.

3. Social Media and Podcasts

- Both are an obvious great way to get more exposure

- Instagram videos are very popular content. Create unique and engaging content that tells a story, hopefully, your business’s story or your customer’s success story with your product

- Use your content to solve your customer’s problems. Give help to those seeking help and they’ll trust your brand

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