New To The World of Self Publishing?

Here’s The Platforms You Should Publish Your Hard Work on

I’ve published my ebook on every single one of these platforms.

I can guarantee that they’re all 100% free upfront and worth the effort of uploading to each.


Amazon is, of course, the biggest and also the scariest place to publish your book.

As an author, you can earn between 35% and 70% royalty for your eBooks sold on the Amazon platform, depending on your location and pricing structure I believe.

Because Amazon is such a massive and extremely authoritative platform, it’s probably the most likely place for blog writers, authors, and entrepreneurs to want to sell their eBooks on.

The site is also a great place to get real verified sales feedback for your eBooks too.


Payhip is the site that I’m currently using myself to host and sell my eBook on.

The site allows me to not only host my eBooks but to also create promotional campaigns using their promo tools.

I can also create affiliates and get other bloggers and marketers to promote and sell my eBooks for me, whilst they earn a commission for themselves.

Payment is conveniently handled through PayPal, and the company takes only 5% commission on each eBook sale I make.


Kobo is also one of the best Ebook publishing companies. It offers the user a 4 step ebook publishing process. You upload your manuscript and it will convert it to ae-publishingng file and has an outreach of 190 countries in 68 languages.

An impressive feature to Kobo is its partnership with the American Booksellers Association which ultimately gets you a lot of exposure.


Smashwords offers the largest range of online bookstores to their users and pays the highest royalties — 80%.

This is only on Smashwords’ own store, however. If you go through other ebook retailers via Smashwords, its only 60%, but this is still a competitive rate.

Another perk: Smashwords lets the user set up a pre-order listing up to 12 months in advance. This is great for authors who enjoy deadlines and gives an incentive to get that masterpiece finished.

Google Books

With over 50 billion users, you’re bound to make a great impact with your eBook here.

Getting set up is pretty simple. You can signup here, upload your content, set your price and begin promoting your eBook to the whole world.


iBooks boasted the second highest ebook sales at the end of 2017. It’s widely considered the best platform if you are an Apple customer and use a mac. This is one of its flaws too — it’s only available to those using the Apple app store.

iBooks royalty rates are simple: 70% for all prices and all countries. This is hands down the most lucrative platform on which to ebook publish, but you have a limited reach.

Luckily, that reach is Apple.


The platform keeps things very simple. TThe platform offers a host of marketing tools, options, and features, including PDF stamping of your eBooks, affiliate tools, sales reports, and more.

So there you have it, a rundown of the best platforms to publish your Ebook. Happy publishing!


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