My Tech Stack

Building online skills has become incredibly important in this day and age of technology. The world is changing rapidly and its no longer feasible to continue stressing over a paper resume. Taking charge of your career path means developing and showcasing the skills (tech or not) in the best way possible. Check out for more info.

I once heard someone say, “I have a Major in Google and my Minor is in YouTube.” With the world literally at our fingertips; there’s so many skills we can learn just from knowing how to use Google and YouTube. Below are the tech skills that I’ve taught myself and have found to be incredibly useful as I create valuable content!


From a young age, I’ve always been a highly creative person. At 10, I was creating and selling my own jewelry at Garage sells, Fairs, and Markets. So creating logos, blog covers, and adding text to pictures is something that I really enjoy.

Website Building

Wix and Wordpress

I started my own personal website with the intent of building my personal brand and reaching as many people with the content that interests me, and I hope, brings worth and value to people. I began with building my website through Wix, which while a great beginner’s platform, limited me and kept me from improving my website in certain areas.

I quickly moved on to and taught myself through YouTube videos, online tutorials, and honestly just trial and error. While this form of my website is still in the works, I’m making progress and hope to publish within the month!


Mailchimp makes it easy to not only build your own newsletter(Developing Worth Newsletter sends out once a week!) but also keep your email lists organized and campaign more efficiently. I’ve used Mailchimp to build several different automations including pop-ups, landing pages, and social posts.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service offered by Google that allows businesses and individuals to more efficiently multitask. Not only have I used Google Drive to store videos, images, music files, and multiple types of documents (PDF, word documents, spreadsheets) but I’ve also used the cloud storage to reach files from anywhere just using the internet, and easily collaborated with others in interviews and editing documents.


I’ve used Zoom to connect and collaborate with others through video. Its the perfect platform to record conversations and interviews, and even turn those into written form.


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