Learning SEO in 30 Days: Week One

Updated: Jan 31

A project dedicated to learning the skills needed to succeed in marketing

“If you spend your life avoiding vulnerability, you and your work will never truly connect with other people.” — Colin Marshall
Over this next month, I’m committing to building my skills in marketing. I want to work out loud to best document what I’m doing. The goal of this project will primarily be to showcase my ability to write for a company but specifically for marketing/SEO purposes.

Week one: SEO

I’ll begin by picking a company and starting a free trial on Moz. I’ll teach myself to refine keyword research and look at the company’s Google search rankings for specific keywords. I’ll then also look at competitor’s sites, and then based on where their competitors are ranking at I will be able to deduce exactly where they should be going in regards to trajectory. So if their ranking for the specific title of a blog post is on page two of Google, but the competitors are all on page one, how could I best use SEO to boost it to page one. By the end of this week, I will also have a content marketing certification from Hubspot completed. For my daily blog posts that I continue, I will write on marketing topics, specifically Facebook ad research for this week.

Week Two:

I will continue researching the company and begin to find a couple of specific niches to help the company rank on a better page on Google. I will then back up what I said by writing 3–5 blog posts based on those keywords. Building my ability to write SEO friendly blog posts as well as demonstrating company research. I will also keep their competitors in mind and research them as well as their ranking compared to the company I chose on Google.

Week Three:

I will now begin to create tutorial videos on how I used Moz and create a course for Udemy to showcase the marketing skills I’ve learned. I will explain how I’m using blog posts and writing as a case study. Daily blog posts this week will be focused on Mailchimp.

Week Four:

I will continue to finish up the tutorial videos on SEO ranking. Daily blog posts this week will be focused on Mailchimp as well.

Summary/What I will have completed by the end of the week:

1. I will have a content marketing certification from Hubspot

2. I will know SEO strategies and Moz

3. I will have a course on Udemy

4. I will have a month of blogposts committed to Marketing

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