How To Steal Your Competitions Traffic

Updated: Jan 31

SEO Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis? Ewwww. That sounds boring.

While it's quite easy to type your keywords into Google, see which ones show up first in Google and then view those results as your fierce competition. (The guys who you’re going to steal all the traffic from.) There’s an easier and more targeted way to get that traffic your now well-rounded site deserves.

Moz’s Domain SEO Analysis Tool is a great tool to target your main competitors.

Suppose in your niche or industry your competitors have low SEO awareness and strategy within your industry. Even if they do, they’re not targeting the same high ROI keywords that you’re interested in.

Considering that 45% of businesses aren’t even sure what SEO means, it’s more likely than you think.

That’s one of the best positions to be in. You can target these low competition keywords and outrank everybody else in your industry with limited resources.

Even if your competitors are going to great lengths to increase their SEO rankings there are still ways you can surpass their efforts.

Start out by brainstorming your buyer’s personas and the keywords or phrases they are typing into the search bar.

The best way to build SEO traffic is to start out with informational keywords most businesses will go right towards keywords that will convert right away. This is an advantage for you. If you’re starting out with informational keywords you’re going to build awareness and trust with your customers.

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