How To Build Authority For Your Business Through Your Writing

Updated: Jan 31

A Detailed List

Trying to rank for broad topics or high traffic keywords can seem almost impossible when first beginning in your niche.

Say you had an inbound marketing platform, you would want to rank for the broad topic of inbound marketing. But with broad topics such as inbound marketing, it’s very difficult to understand searcher’s intent.

But, if you take that broader topic and begin to write specific posts that are related to the topic you’ll soon begin to build authority around that one topic.

Because of how smart Google has become, once you have a great SEO page or article, it will begin to rank for keywords that are related to the one you chose. This is why “topic clusters” or a broad topic with lots of related subtopics are important. Once you begin to write on your chosen topic you’ll begin to establish authority on Google.

The best way to build authority on a specific topic is to start with a pillar page. Your pillar page is the beginning of your platform and will serve as the foundation. Your pillar page can have a lot of your relevant subtopics included on the page.

How to create a content pillar page

Identify a specific topic you want to be known for and rank for online

Identify your subtopics or at least the beginning main ones

Create blog posts for needed subtopics

Repurpose your subtopics into a downloadable content offer

Link your subtopics to the landing page

Remember to apply your SEO knowledge to your pillar page

Specific topic referenced in page title (for any of your subtopics)

Specific topic referenced in URL

Specific topic referenced in your H1 tag

Anchor linked table of contents

Website navigation (positive expierence for vistor)

Images with specific topic referenced in alt text

H2 tags for subheaders

H3 tags for subitems

Link to relevant internal and external resources

Reference your topic throughout your page

Include a back to top button

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