How To Add Drift To Your Website (In 5 Easy Steps)

You’re going to first go through the simple steps on the website to customize what your chat box is going to say and look like. (Check out mine on my website)

Then you’re going to simply copy the code you’re given at the end of your building process and paste it into your code. 

(This is written for a website but you can use this same technique in any website)

Open up Wix site editor. In the left panel, choose AddMoreHTML Code:

3. Click Edit Code in the tools of a newly created block, choose Code in the opened window, copy your widget code from the Drift dashboard and paste it into the field below:

4. Right-click on the box and click pin to screen.

5. Choose a location on the screen (one of the bottom options). You can also tweak the horizontal offset to set the widget’s position more precisely:

And there you have it! How to easily add a Drift chat-box to your website.

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