Copywriting Critique

An exercise to build my marketing skills

For this exercise I took two ads and examined them, to identify different copywriting techniques. I then broke those apart and analyzed their formula in order to improve my copywriting.

I took this exercise in 4 steps:

1. Identify a post with good copywriting.

2. Break it apart into a formula.

3. Rewrite it for a different product, service, story, etc.

4. Repeat.

2. Here, Barilla took the fact that New Year’s was approaching and used the product to create an image to celebrate the holiday. Nice display of minimalism with pasta. Spaghetti in the shape of a fireworks display is a perfect way for pasta maker Barilla to ring in the new year.

3. I took this idea and incorporated it into marketing copy for a pet insurance startup called Pumpkin.

2. Whenever we change something about ourselves we don’t necessarily want people to notice that we made a major change. Results combined with a secret as to how the customer got the results can make for killer copywriting — “Does she… or doesn’t she?

3. I took this idea — results combined with a secret — and created an ad for a cosmetic company specializing in highlighter with a youthful glow.


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