Can’t Wake up

Tips and tricks on getting out of bed in the morning

My snooze button and I have a great relationship. I’ve gotten into a bad habit of snoozing my alarm. Multiple times.

The cheerful but obnoxious noise will break through my cozy bubble of blankets, disturbing the colorful, absurd dream my brain has concocted during the night.

I’ll reach out to swipe the clock on my screen to dismiss the noise for another blissful 10 minutes.

Its a struggle for me to get up, almost every morning. I know I’m getting enough sleep though. I don’t go to bed at the unearthly time of 2 am or stare at my phone and scroll for hours before closing my eyes for the night.

Maybe it's because my subconscious acknowledges the fact that my bed is so comforting, protecting me from the unknowns of the day ahead of me. The groggy, slow-moving mass that I was in the morning was not the same clear-headed being that set the alarm the night before. I wanted to wake up at a good hour in the morning in order to get everything done that I needed to get done during the day I needed to be up early.

I decided to dive into some research on the topic and how I could improve my morning routine in order to feel fully awake at 7:00 am when I actually want to be awake. After digging through some articles that stated it would be a good idea to drink caffeine in the morning and not to use electronics at night, here’s the information I learned from my research.

Get to know your internal body clock

Your circadian rhythm is the reason why you feel specifically energized at one time of the day and tired at another part. In general, your body makes changes in anticipation of your going to sleep, such as dropping in temperature and heart rate and secreting melatonin into your bloodstream one to two hours before your regular bedtime. This get-some-sleep cycle peaks at about 3 or 4 a.m., and then your body starts a gradual morning waking-up process.

If you’re not going to bed at a consistent time your body is going to be confused about when to start waking you up.

Get out of bed as soon as possible

The bed should be used only for sleep and not for work,” Dr. Bollu says. “This subconsciously tells the brain that it should be doing nothing else but sleep when the body is in the bed.”

Get out of bed as soon as possible instead of snoozing the alarm and open the blinds to let some natural light in. Or if possible take a walk outside. The fresh air and sunlight can do wonders to wake you up.

Give Yourself a Reason To Wake Up Early

What’s your vision for your extra time when you wake up earlier?

If your morning vision is to run when you wake up, but you don’t like running, you aren’t going to want to get up earlier.

Change sticks when it’s associated with something pleasant. Plan to do something you love during your early mornings. When your early-morning plan includes something you’re excited about, that snooze button stops seeing so much action.

Set an exciting goal that makes you happy to get out of bed.

Being detailed about what you want to accomplish in the morning is also something that has helped me stay on track and be eager to get out of bed in the morning.

Productivity is the main reason I get out of bed in the morning. What’s yours?


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