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Updated: Jan 31

In our last post, we looked over what your competitors are potentially creating. Here’s how you can make your content 10x better and unique in a way that makes you stand out to Google search engines.

Case Studies

Researching case studies for your particular niche is a great way to creating content that will rank in Google. Type your ‘niche + case study’ into Google to find some online.

Relevant Stories

Any relevant stories online, ones that you have listened to from customers/competitors, or some have your own experience. Remember, you’re writing for people first, then for Google.

Cater to Different People

We all know we absorb information differently. Make sure you’re including more than just articles in your content. Include videos, audio, and specialized images, remember different is going to make you stand out.

Make Your Content 100% Unique

This relates back to the 3rd point. Keep your competitors on their toes by making content that is 100% unique and different from anything else out there.

And most importantly always be adding more value

If your competitors are writing 2,000-word articles, you should be writing a 10,000-word or 20,000-word article. If your competitors are ranking with tools or software then create something that’s 10x more valuable than your competitor’s content.

1. Write easy to read and understand content

2. Care about your grammar and spelling

3. Use short paragraphs no more than 1–4 sentences

4. Keep your content above the fold. Anything lower won’t be read by most people

5. Use applicable and great heading

6. Use pattern interrupts- anything to keep your reader engaged

7. Eliminate distractions that don’t add value

On-Page Optimization

Okay, we covered all of the basics to make your reader happy, which is step one, but here’s how to make Google happy, which is step number one and a half. The two definitely could be seen as peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper or…sorry I’m hungry.

Anyways onto the important stuff.

Keyword Placement

Make sure your target keyword is included in your URL, title, first sentence, and sprinkled throughout your content. Don’t make anything sound unnatural but also be super intentional about it.

Keyword Variations

Go back to and figure out the keyword suggestions.

Variations to pet insurance would be

pet insurance plans

pet insurance reviews

pet insurance for cats

pet insurance usaa

pet insurance cost

Finding great ways to include these variations in your content is important for SEO.

Page Loading and Mobile Friendliness

This one is a no-brainer, we all know how frustrating it is to have your computer load for anything, so why would anyone stick around on your page if it loads for foreverrrrrrr.

Taking away my time does not equal value.

Phones are used more than ever today, make sure your site is also mobile-friendly.

External Links

Including credited pages in your content, especially anything with .edu or .gov will help you rank in Google.

Read on to learn more!

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