5 Skills Guaranteed To Help You Succeed As A Marketer

Marketing is a tough field to work in. The marketing world is always evolving yet continually saturated with different messages. Your audience is constantly being bombarded with images, ads, videos, and countless distractions pulling their attention in multiple different directions.

You need to make sure your content stands out. Not only should it catch their eye, it has to hold their attention. In this day and age of swipe, click, and scroll you need the skills to stay ahead of the game.

Here are five skills marketers should have in their toolbox.


Marketing is all about communication, whether it be communicating a message to your audience or sharing an idea with your team or boss.


Writing is at the foundation of everything that a marketer does. Without amazing writing skills, everything else will falter. A great marketer is a writer who will know how to craft any message: blog posts, video scripts, case studies, product descriptions, and a hundred other things. Take the process of building your writing skills seriously, whether that be in the form of taking on a 30-day blogging challenge or just personal blogging. Practice makes perfect.


Having the ability to spell out your plans or the latest ideas to keep your team on track is crucial to being a good marketer. You need to have a strong professional presence, but also come across as approachable and easy to talk to. You need to be able to present your latest projects to your entire team. (I know, we’re all thinking about our high school days when we cringed at the word presentation.) But confidence when speaking to others is crucial in gaining other’s confidence in you.


This one’s a no-brainer. You want to be a fantastic marketer? Then you need to be a creative person. It’s more than just thinking outside the box, its completely destroying that square shape and creating a shape that no one has ever seen before. Your creative thinking should be at the very cornerstone of whatever you’re doing. Producing unique and awe-inspiring content is what will make you stand out and in turn generate results.

Time Management

While this skill is important in nearly any job and every aspect of life it particularly comes into play as a marketer. You wear many different hats and juggle multiple projects at once so using your time wisely is key to not becoming overwhelmed and stressed. You’re going to have to embrace demanding deadlines so avoid procrastination at every cost. Using a great to-do list and task organizer helps with this. The two I’ve found the most useful are Google Calendar and Evernote.


Marketing is all about analyzing your results and improving the next campaign based off of the data. Marketers need to realize that everything they do is tied to their performance. The End Game — what the company goals and milestones are is the heart and soul of marketing.

No marketer needs to be a data scientist, but marketers should know the ins and outs of analytics platforms they use — and those their clients use.”
~Jess Vadino, Digital Experience Leader at SoftServe

Solid Tech Stack

Finally, to be successful as a marketer, you need to have a healthy amount of technical skills under your belt. Google is your best friend when it comes to self-education and staying ahead of the game. Below are some basic technologies that are important beginning your career.

- Airtable





-Microsoft Word

Facebook Ads





-Adobe Premiere



-Adobe Illustrator

-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe InDesign

Remember, you’re not forcing a product on anyone. Marketing boils down to understanding and caring about people enough to want to solve their problems. Along with that, your ability to strategize , persist and fail forward is what will set you apart.

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