I'm Anna Klawitter. 

I believe in taking every moment and using it to its fullest potential. Each of us only has one life to live. I want to use the life I have to impact the world in the best way possible.

I'm an innovator. I think outside of the box and I'm always looking for new ways to take action to solve problems. I don't think about what needs to be done, I just do it.

I use words to connect with and influence others. My passion for writing has allowed me to quickly acquire hundreds of followers on Medium.

I'm currently taking initiative by

- Committing to an extensive business program, Praxis, where I'm building value through real projects
- Creating content through blogging and writing for multiple different publications on Medium
- Contributing to my team at Chick-fil-A by leading by example and providing excellent customer service while achieving profitability objectives

Welcome to my blog! I know there's plenty of other things you could be doing or reading, so thank you for taking the time to check this page out.


| Why Developing Worth? |


All my life I've been taught to conform, to make my decisions based on what others were telling me. My happiness, my identity, and my worth were all based on things outside of myself. Talking with friends and family, I realized that I wasn't alone in this struggle.


If you're looking to break free from the control other's may have on your life, this is the place for you. I want this to be a place where we can be genuine and open with each other. I've always loved words, and I'm hoping to share some of that love with you.

I invite you to join me in developing your own worth! If this website has impacted or spoke to you in anyway, please reach out to me. I'd love to hear from you. 

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